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There are two kinds of people: Part Two - The non-movers

Coffee cup in one hand, veggie/fruit smoothie in the other. No seriously, that's what I have on each side of me as I write. I'm smiling because of how funny this is, as it seems to also relate to this conundrum of a topic before us.

There are two kinds of people, and there are definitely two kinds of beverages.

 My caffeinated beverage on my left brings me a one sided joy that I cannot even begin to detail. I love my coffee. And I really do think it loves me back. At least for a while. As I peer out of the corner of my eye to the right, I see the greenish grainy drink to my right. Today the fennel seeds in it do not make it seem as dirty  I mean, like I just gathered them from the dirt without rinsing and sprinkled them in there kind of dirty. Maybe it was the splash of OJ I decided to add to it this morning. Now, I know that this drink loves me. It is good for many aspects of my life. Health, energy, sustenance, power. But I do not enjoy it as much.

When I make my coffee in th…
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There are two kinds of people: Part One

This topic has been on my mind for quite a few years, and I always tell my ultra hip (yeah right) self, that I should write about it. So finally, after this last revelation that, yes, there are two kinds of people in this world, I needed to get it off my chest.

There are two kinds of people in this world.

"But Megan?" you quickly rebut, "No there's not! There are so many kinds of people in this world. Short people, tall people, loud people, introverted people, French people, people who like food, people who are allergic to grass, dog people, cat people, this list is endless."
And to you I say, "Well of course."
But  here's the deal. When it comes down to it. We are all, but one of two kinds of people.

And I'll kindly, yet firmly, break it down for y'all.

There are two kinds of people in this world.
And you WILL fall under one of these categories.
Are you ready?

Here, I'll set the scene.

You are walking down the sidewalk. Any sidewalk. …

A picture, a moment.

My husband and I went to Mexico last February. This was our last night there. Or was it?
We had not gone on a vacation in 10 years! This photo is unique and amazing in so many ways. I had gotten a new camera, and all vacation, I would mess around with new settings.
What time of day was this?
Looks like a sunset right?
It's not! It was a sunrise! I  had some strange setting, that I have not been able to replicate. But it made this look like our last night there, but it was our last morning. I awoke early so I could be on the beach when the sun came up.If I could keep a memory that included sense of smell, feeling, sound, and sight, it would be this, wrapped with a bow. I was the only one out there in the early hours, which was amazing in and of itself. I took a lot of other shots by the water, and a little while later when I was heading back, I turned around, and took a shot off the upper patio of the resort. And this is what I got. It is my favorite picture. 
One, because I know its sec…

Take a break from Facebook...embrace your inner gloriousness!

I am completely and utterly conflicted about Facebook.  I loathe it.  But on the other hand, I love it.  I have been able to keep connected to high school foreign exchange student friends. To loved ones when they lived over seas, or in different states.  For this I am grateful for its inception.  But Facebook causes many issues and disturbances, as we retreat back to our "middle school" days of bullying, drama, and self loathing.  I really do hate Facebook.  But I love it.  I love it for the times I see a new baby born and a "selfie" with the new mother.  All of that love crammed in to one tiny megapixel picture. I love it! 
But Facebook has a way, of taking your thoughts and freedoms of opinion and making them look silly, crazy, or vengeful.  A place where people want to tell us they are brushing their teeth on a Wednesday morning.  When I took a break from school for 6 weeks, I vowed to take a break from social media as well. I took more than my 6 weeks away from F…

Snow Labor

Ok so here are my thoughts on the snow: It is kind of like being in labor. It can creep up on you (contractions/flurries) and then BAM! Yep, ok then you really know it's happening (labor/snowstorm)! Then there are moments you realize how beautiful this moment is (in between contractions/snow slows in those beautiful big flakes). then it is just down right painful and a few curse words may fly (pushing a watermelon out/shoveling 9" deep snow aka throwing out your back) and then the moment we all breathe easy seeing the beautiful new life that has been given to you (your baby is finally here/the snow stops and you notice the fresh clean beauty all around) and it is just breathtaking (the scenery/the scenery). Life is beautiful. Take a look around. You have been blessed to be breathing. Even if you are breathing in some snowflakes ;)

Diet Coke, Coffee, and Candy

With trying to eat better, and remembering I am not perfect, I have tried to cut back on many different things. I wanted to start weeding out the things that I tend to eat or drink the most of during an average week. I have stopped drinking coffee for about 4 weeks now! I know coffee is not like drop dead terrible for you, but I wanted to replace it with something that offered something more than just caffeine to my system, so I switched back to tea, which thankfully I enjoy as well. I used to drink one diet coke a day, and sometimes two on the weekends. I have now dropped that to once a week. I once went 46 days without a diet coke, so I know I can wean completely off of it, but I wanted to take it slow, I mean come on, let's not go crazy all at once right? Ha ha! And then there is candy, sweet, delicious, sugar induced coma....candy. I think, at least nearly every day, I probably consumed some type of candy each day. I can safely say that I have drastically cut back on the candy…

Raw Foods, Reality Eating, and Relapse

Obsessions can consume you entirely. Some are healthy when in reasonable limits, and some can lead to crazy downward psycho spirals like in Fatal Attraction. Luckily for me, I don't have to worry about the Fatal Attraction type. As of late, I have been super consumed (teehee, literally) with becoming more educated in the world of Superfoods, Raw food dieting, Veganism, and just plain old eating healthy. I have been watching documentary after documentary on these topics. My two favorites are The Beautiful Truth which is on Netflix or Youtube. This documents one boys assignment for a school report, finding out more about The Gerson Therapy, a Therapy developed in the Mid 1900's by a Dr. Max Gerson. My other favorite is FoodMatters. I just finished reading a book, 7 Days on the Raw Food Diet, and I am currently tackling, The Gerson Therapy.
            Whoa. Let us back up the trolley a bit. Where did this new obsession begin you ask? Well honestly I have always had that nagging, …